The Breakaway

In continuation of my previous post about the affinity and the practice of en-plein-air painting, I went ahead seeking freedom from what is known and finding the individual approach to the art of expressing one's own self. 

Srinivas Bobbili Contemporary Indian Art

Occurred a revelation!

Instincts begin to weighed down my knowledge, intuition overpowered my memory, soon my expression started to take its own course of action on the surface of the canvas.

I was beginning to experience the joy of freedom, and freedom from the known.....

From then, every image appeared a discovery of the self, a new experience that astonish my own visual senses on the way of its manifestation and apparition in to the time and space, gave birth of its own kind.....continued to unveil the distinctive and transient.

Srinivas Bobbili Contemporary Indian Art