For the love of Impressionism

To begin with, a fair introduction to Impressionism (a style and art movement) would help understand what I am going to write about.

"Impressionism", widely known since the mid 19th century, is an artistic style that seeks to capture a feeling or experience rather than to achieve accurate depiction. It is also called as 'en-plein-air' painting or simply say 'Painting out door', where artist begin and completes the painting in a single sitting on the spot, which I personally like the way it is, working  in the fleeting moments of time.

Banks of River Krishna, 2012 (above)

Impressionism gained rapid popularity, became one of the most influential art movement in the history of world art towards the end of 19th Century. The working style and aesthetics of the impression have influenced the world that it is certainly hard to find someone who does not like or enjoy the works of impressionists until today. 

While viewing repeatedly, reading about and appreciating the works of impressionism, I was slowly caught with the desire to paint and work like an impressionist. Then I started with drawing in nature with pen & ink, exploring the possibilities of immediacy and working in the open air.

The intent to perfect the trade have led me to study the light, atmosphere, color, and composition very well. I went around the places to capture the beauty of landscape around me.

Landscape with trees, 2012 ( In Private Collection)

My confidence grew making pen drawings, I gradually shifted to color my compositions, which again was challenged me like a tough puzzle. Usage and the application of the colour is the prominent element in the impressionist painting. So now I will have to master the art of colour and its application on the canvas. 

I constantly looked at the works of impressionists published in the books and internet, and also I have visited the museums in Britain and was lucky to have observed some of the impressionists works exhibited there.

Srinivas Bobbili en plein air impressionist painting

Shamirpet, Hyderabad. 2012

It is only after several attempts, I could confidently paint in the en-plein-air and I thoroughly enjoyed painting out doors carrying easel, pochade box and handful of canvases made several trips to the places around me capturing the atmosphere and the beauty of the landscape.

Srinivas Bobbili en plein air impressionist painting

Landscape with Bridge, 2004 (above)

Having done some landscape paintings outdoors during fine art college days, it is evidently inherent that I represent my visual experiences with the sense of immediacy, and certainly that exists only with individual and independent approach to drawing and painting. I realize that the attitude & approach of impressionism was already there within me. Later I realized once again through the practice to it's perfection.

Srinivas Bobbili en plein air impressionist painting

My impressionist style of paintings hung on the walls of my home, 2019

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