• The Breakaway

    Occurred a revelation! Instincts begin to weighed down my knowledge, my intuition overpowered my memory and my expression started to take its own course of action on the surface of the canvas.
  • Pleasure of 'Solitude'

      I am remembered of this painting 'Solitude', as it was made a surprise retour today in a photograph adored the interiors of an office of my frien...
  • For the love of Impressionism

    Viewing and appreciating the works of impressionism, I was caught with the desire to paint like an impressionist in the plein-air. So I started with drawing the nature with just a pen & ink and slowly exploring the possibilities of working in nature with certain degree of immediacy and fluidity.
  • Deep Sleep

    This work was done earlier but it is only later that I relate this image with this piece of one of Rumi's poems.

  • Is the nation in right hands?

     When only a pair of hands controlling the life and freedom of the country.